We offer the only end to end cost recovery solution on the market
Finance Managers
Significant reduction in mobile call cost
  • Significant reduction in mobile phone call
  • M.I.S. showing spending, recovery and behaviour patterns by
  • Company/Cost Centre/Employee Group/Employee.
  • Fully configurable corporate rules so you decide what is an appropriate business expense for each employee group in your organisation.
  • Full integration with all major ERP systems, including SAP and Oracle.
  • AP, Payroll and Org Structure integration all available.
  • Generic posting documents provided for all systems.
  • A net revenue solution - costs recovered will comfortably outweigh subscription costs.
  • A zero cost solution if your mobile phone provider is our business partner Vodafone Ireland.
  • Full VAT compliance - separation of personal call VAT with related accounting entries.
IT Managers
A commitment-free trial period - upload some bills for a select pilot group, try our solution.
  • SaaS - our hosted solution means no hardware/software installation or ownership headaches.
  • Fully scalable solution - you only pay for what you use.
  • A method of quickly delivering a real measurable value proposition to your business customers.
  • A multi device solution that works for all users.
  • No enduser training needed, "click and submit".
  • No integration headaches for major ERP systems - either download your posting documents or plug our certified ready to go interfaces in.
  • Fully automated fulfilment - the delivery of your consolidated invoice, upload and notification of employees and integration with backend systems is automated end to end.
Tagging personal calls fully automated, no more highlighting individual calls.
  • EmployeesA fully automated, painless way to tag your personal calls - no more laborious highlighting individual calls.
  • Access to a corporate tariff - you can now indicate and pay for your low tariff calls automatically.
  • Automated tagging of other business phones via the central Corporate Phone Directory.
  • Integration of your contacts into a number summarised bill - you can see exactly where your spend is occurring.
  • You tag new numbers once - Beehive BCM memorises this forever.