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Business Call Management

International studies show over 25% of calls made on business mobiles relate to personal usage.

The cost to the UK business of personal calls made on corporate phones is estimated in excess of £400m!
Organisations that currently attempt to recover this non-business cost (e.g. public sector organisations) do so via extrememely repetitive and laborious time-consuming manual processes.
BEEHIVE BCM fully automates this recovery process from mobile device through to back-office accounting and payroll systems.
MIS will highlight problem areas and potential cost saving opportunities for business managers.

The BEEHIVE Business Call Management system provides a complete and unique integrated solution to recovering the cost of personal usage on business mobile phones
  • Call summarisation - classify all calls to one number at once
  • Memorised call tagging - classifications memorised for future bills
  • Synchronise your phone contacts automatically
  • Store Corporate and Personal contacts for number recognition
  • Wildcard numbers to autotag all numbers to large organisations
  • Autotag all calls to other corporate mobiles as business
  • Reports by Company/Cost Centre/Employee Group/Employee, all downloadable to Excel
  • Access via any platform - browser, iPhone, Smartphone, Android etc
  • Fully integrate with your SAP/Oracle System
  • Full Cost Centre posting of invoices to Accounts Payable
  • Automatically deduct personal call cost (+ VAT) from payroll
  • Generic posting files also available
  • Full VAT compliance
Calls are preclassified as business or personal
One click classifies your call and memorises for future invoices.
The Business Call Management solution in action...

phone man

Classify your calls on the move

with our device independent application

Covers :

Vodafone 360,
and many more


Employer Benefits

  • Reduce the cost of your mobile devices by at least 25% by recovering the cost of personal calls from employees.
  • Eliminate the processing cost of mobile phone invoices with an automated upload of electronic bills currently available online from all providers.
  • Achieve VAT compliance by re-charging the VAT on personal calls to the employee.
  • Achieve huge WTE savings in processing time.
  • Option to increase your call volume for discounts from your phone provider by extending the benefit of your corporate tariff to more employees - rules can be defined to recover all calls but the employee gets the considerable benefit of your low corporate rate.
  • Quantify the hidden employee benefit of personal calls.

Employee Benefits

  • Eliminate tiresome and repetitive
    analysis of mobile phone bills.
  • Allow employee to avail of low corporate phone tariffs without violating company policy
  • Automated payroll deduction removing need for physical reimbursement to employer.